Keep California Beautiful is a non-profit organization dedicated to alternative waste management, beautification, community networking and outreach.

KCB additionally functions as an umbrella organization that initiates and networks local affiliates in communities across California.

Keep California Beautiful (KCB) Vision Statement:

California – The most beautiful and cleanest state in the nation.

KCB Mission:

Working to ignite individuals, state and local government, community, and corporate responsibility through strategic initiatives and volunteer action to preserve and protect California’s beautiful resources for generations to come.

KCB Core Values: “Efforts of One Results in the Power of Many” 

Personal Responsibility, Leadership, Education, and Volunteering: all leading to environmental awareness and action that will sustain our state’s natural environment.

Three Guiding Principles

1. Education:

The organization focuses on educating all ages of the public on littler prevention, natural resources, programs & tools to support alternative waste management, and legislation to support positive progress.

2. Efforts:

KCB promote volunteer efforts and networks individuals as well as organizations to better achieve goals within different communities.

“The Efforts of One Result in the Power of Many”

3. Endorse Enforcement:

Supporting and endorsing progressive legislation on alternative waste management and beautification is one aspect of achieving KCB goals that is vital to success. – consequences and legislation to support positive progress

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2019 CAP National Award

K-12 Award Ray Scott, Christine Flowers, Bob Hollis

Our Goals: Educate and Communicate to Inspire Action

KCB annually provides resources and support to more than 200 California communities, focusing on cleanup, beautification and enhancement projects. Every Spring the Great American CleanupTM (GAC) is held. Additionally, since the inception of the organization in 1991, KCB and its partner programs have sponsored over 14,372 events involving over 855,958 volunteers, and have collected over 26,238,000 pounds of litter and trash from California’s highways, public lands, waterways and beaches.

During the 2012 Keep America Beautiful Great American CleanupTM our Keep California Beautiful and local affiliates organized over 1,967 events and contributed over 163,726 volunteer hours; removing over 2,116,536 pounds of litter and debris from California’s environment along 1,953 miles of streets and trails and roads.

Keep California Beautiful’s efforts to organize and network caring individuals and organizations provides an outlet for cleanup and beautification.

Donate to KCB

Please consider donating to Keep California Beautiful, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Making a tax-deductible contribution to KCB allows for our organization to continue recycling, preventing litter, educating the public, supporting alternative waste management, and many other community building activities. 

Please Donate by sending a check directly to our office (address below). Please make check payable to Keep California Beautiful.

Keep California Beautiful
8665 S. Union Ave
Bakersfield, CA 93307

Every Dollar Matters, Every Student Matters.

Use the form below to make a contribution of any amount from $1 to $1,000.

Thank you so much! Your contribution does make a difference!

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K-12 Challenge

The California K-12 Recycling Challenge

The statewide K-12 Recycling Challenge has been held annually with great enthusiasm to promote and encourage recycling. The competition between schools and recycling coordinators resulted in over 7.7 million pounds of recyclables collected in the past five years. For 2021, KCB will not conduct the in-school recycling competition. In 2022, the recycling categories will be streamlined. 

The California K-12 Recycling Challenge includes three New for 2021 components, completing all three earns recognition as a Keep California Beautiful Environmental School.

Recycling Art Contest

Make Art not Waste!

Video Contest

Make a Recycling related video.

Environmental App Litter Assessment

Do a litter assesment of your school or neighborhood.

Environmental App

The KCB Environmental App can be customized for Litter Mapping or Citizen Science projects.

K-12 School Litter Survey Map



The KCB Campus Sustainability Program

The Campus Sustainability Program, open to all 2 and 4 year universities and colleges, and business campuses, provides an opportunity to recognize existing campus efforts to reduce and eliminate waste, improve and enhance beautification and document community volunteer initiatives to end littering, improve waste reduction and beautify campuses. The program is designed to raise awareness about the environment through activities of each school’s choosing. KCB believes that the knowledge and experience obtained in college shapes not only the future of students, but of the world as well. Ideas and practices adopted in the collegiate setting continue well past graduation. To encourage and support environmental stewardship, KCB has begun partnering with universities to teach students about the role that sustainable practices have in creating a positive future for California.

Why Should A Campus Join?

Campuses will benefit by utilizing Keep California Beautiful programs to:

  • Recognize 2 and 4 year public and private colleges and universities as program partners,
  • Augment existing sustainability efforts,
  • Influence attitudes and behaviors regarding individual environmental responsibility,
  • Help enhance quality of life through an improved physical environment,
  • Encourage students and faculty to engage in meaningful activities that help create sustainable environments not only on campus but in their local community,
  • Improve ties with the community
  • Connect statewide and nationally with our partner Keep America Beautiful,
  • Participate in national public-private partnership programs like the Great American Clean Up, RecycleMania and America Recycles Day,
  • Become eligible for Affiliate grant programs.

Cal State University Sacramento Litter Survey Map

For More Information On Campus Sustainability Program Contact:

Cecile Carson 
Co-lead  Consultant
Mobile: 940.230.6035
[email protected]


Keep America Beautiful California National Award Winners

Keep America Beautiful® conducts two significant awards programs — the Vision for America Award, honoring corporate social responsibility among America’s leading corporations and considered among the most prestigious industry recognition, and our National Awards program, which celebrates achievements by Keep America Beautiful affiliates, individuals, and other community organizations.

National Awards

The Keep America Beautiful National Awards program recognizes the best of the best among our network of community-based affiliates, leading corporate partners, and individual volunteers across the country who have committed to delivering cleaner, greener, and more beautiful communities.


Keep American Beautiful National Awards
Keep American Beautiful National Awards
Keep American Beautiful National Awards - Riverside

KCB Awards, Grants, and Press Releases

2019 CAP National Award

K-12 Award Ray Scott, Christine Flowers, Bob Hollis

Kepp America Beautiful Award Winner


Keep California Beautiful Sponsors

Endorsers and Promotional Partners


Keep America Beautiful’s network of affiliate and partnering organizations is leading the way in building and sustaining vibrant communities that produce positive change. By engaging volunteers and promoting collective, local action, our dynamic network helps unlock every community’s potential. Working with students, educators, government and business leaders, and people from all walks of life, KAB has a catalyzing effect on local economies as it helps improve public places to be cleaner and more beautiful.

More and more communities are joining our movement and participating in our many community improvement programs. By instilling sustainable behaviors and community values in our youth through KAB educational programs, our affiliates and partners are developing the next generation of environmental stewards.

Keep California Beautiful also provides assistance for communities to developing Keep America Beautiful local affiliation. This is the process of creating a new non-profit division of KAB that is specifically designed to target and improve waste management issues in your community. With KCB assistance, your community has the ability to better develop a local alternative waste management and beautification program.  KCB provides expertise specialized in networking state and local governments, private organizations, and non-profit organization within California. We help guide organizations, foster cooperation, motivate individuals, and lay the groundwork to achieve a Keep America Beautiful Certification as an affiliate. KCB provides assistance with the application process while additionally helping to establish new affiliates and maintain the program.35670_416317613232_1700060_n

The KAB certification as a local affiliate allows for many new opportunities and advantages. Several of these include grants, in-kind donations, and special initiatives. In the past few years, KAB affiliates received grants and donations valued at more than $10 million dollars. KAB also estimates that for every $1 dollar invested, local affiliates receive $22 dollars in return. Establishing a local affiliate also provides national credibility. KAB is a longstanding organization that is recognized as a community builder and benefits affiliates through recognition. Certification provides networking opportunities where new affiliates can participate in the annual National conference, regular training seminars, and provides online collaboration tools to connect with other affiliates. Additionally, becoming a KAB affiliate provides training and educational materials, online tools, volunteer participation, powerful local impact, and opportunities to receive national awards. 


Our organization remains committed to supporting and nurturing our affiliates in their effort to form a direct and intimate connection with their local communities. KAB affiliates touch people in countless ways. But it all starts with you lasting change happens when people work together.

To see affiliates in the national network, you can check out the Keep America Beautiful Network Find an Affiliate page.

KCB Affiliate Directory

Affiliate Website

Contact Person




Pauline Martinson

Executive Director


Jessica Felix

City of Bakersfield


Patricia Elkins



Carol Rowland



Paul Racs



Connie Librenjak

Executive Director


Ernest Guzman

Community Services


Lorraine Cruz Carpenter

Executive Coordinator


Lorraine Cruz Carpenter

Executive Coordinator


Keep Moreno Valley Beautiful

Nancy Noriega 

Keep Moreno Valley Beautiful

Keep Moreno Valley Beautiful

Keep San Jose Beautiful

Keep San Jose Beautiful

Santa Clara Valley

Eugene Maeda

Santa Clara Valley

Kern County

Michelle Burns-Lusich

Kern County

Zechariah Garcia


Mark Standriff


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