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KCB Collegiate Affiliate Program

KCB Collegiate Affiliate Program



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The statewide K-12 Recycling Challenge has been held annually with great enthusiasm to promote and encourage recycling. The competition between schools and recycling coordinators resulted in over 7.7 million pounds of recyclables collected in the past five years. For 2021, KCB will not conduct the in-school recycling competition. In 2022, the recycling categories will be streamlined.

New for 2021!

The California K-12 Recycling Challenge includes three New for 2021 components, completing all three earns recognition as a Keep California Beautiful Environmental School.


  1. Recycling Art Contest
  2. Video Contest
  3. Environmental App Litter Assessment
  4. Keep California Beautiful Environmental School Designation

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Congratulations to 2020 Winners of the K-12 Recycling Challenge!

Visit GreenCAschools.org to View Results.

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Collegiate Affiliate Program Endorsements

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