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Keep California Beautiful is a non-profit organization dedicated to alternative waste management, beautification, community networking and outreach.


KCB additionally functions as an umbrella organization that initiates and networks local affiliates in communities across California.


Keep California Beautiful (KCB) Vision Statement:

California – The most beautiful and cleanest state in the nation.



KCB Mission:

Working to ignite individuals, state and local government, community, and corporate responsibility through strategic initiatives and volunteer action to preserve and protect California’s beautiful resources for generations to come.

KCB Core Values: “Efforts of One Results in the Power of Many” 31819_416577663232_7198516_n

Personal Responsibility, Leadership, Education, and Volunteering: all leading to environmental awareness and action that will sustain our state’s natural environment.

Three Guiding Principles

1. Education:

The organization focuses on educating all ages of the public on littler prevention, natural resources, programs & tools to support alternative waste management, and legislation to support positive progress.

2. Efforts:

KCB promote volunteer efforts and networks individuals as well as organizations to better achieve goals within different communities.

3. Endorse Enforcement:

Supporting and endorsing progressive legislation on alternative waste management and beautification is one aspect of achieving KCB goals that is vital to success. – consequences and legislation to support positive progress


Our Goals: Educate and Communicate to Inspire Action

KCB annually provides resources and support to more than 200 California communities, focusing on cleanup, beautification and enhancement projects. Every Spring the Great American CleanupTM (GAC) is held. Additionally, since the inception of the organization in 1991, KCB and its partner programs have sponsored over 14,372 events involving over 855,958 volunteers, and have collected over 26,238,000 pounds of litter and trash from California’s highways, public lands, waterways and beaches.

During the 2012 Keep America Beautiful Great American CleanupTM our Keep California Beautiful and local affiliates organized over 1,967 events and contributed over 163,726 volunteer hours; removing over 2,116,536 pounds of litter and debris from California’s environment along 1,953 miles of streets and trails and roads. 

Keep California Beautiful’s efforts to organize and network caring individuals and organizations provides an outlet for cleanup and beautification.


Keep America Beautiful Youth Advisory Council

Krysten Racs Krysten Racs, Los Angeles, California
Krysten, a senior, is her class president and yearbook editor. She was just recently awarded her Gold Award, the highest achievement in Girl Scouts, which she has been involved in for the past 12 years. She has also been a competitive club swimmer for the past 11 years, and swims for her high school team. Krysten is involved with the WESave Club, which encourages students to take action to improve their environment, by serving as a grant writer. She is currently researching eligibility requirements to pursue funding for a xeriscape garden that will also serve as a demonstration and education garden for the students, teachers, and community.
Connor Stack Connor Stack, Arrowhead, California
Connor, a senior, would rather be wandering his local forest trails than being indoors. This is his second year serving on Keep America Beautiful’s Youth Advisory Council. Spending nearly 1,000 hours over the past four years volunteering with a nonprofit organization called the Southern California Mountains Foundation, he leads local hikes, runs greenhouse operations, leads tree and grass planting projects, and mans a local forestry center teaching visitors about his local flora and fauna. He spent the summer of 2015 with the Student Conservation Association working on the Appalachian Trail.



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