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Keep America Beautiful has created an interactive website called “Clean Sweep U.S.A.” for teachers and students to get the facts on the impact of litter, proper handling of solid waste, and the rewards of creating beauty in our community environments.
The Clean Sweep U.S.A. website offers teachers lessons that provide ideas for web-directed research and in-class activities. They also meet environmental standards of learning, plus you will find turnkey activities. To help prepare for teaching the lesson, read the comprehensive teacher background information on litter prevention, waste reduction and beautification.
For students, Clean Sweep U.S.A. is a series of interactive games and simple, visual facts about litter prevention, beautification, and managing our nation’s garbage.  These lessons provide fun ways to learn why everyone should help Keep California Beautiful.


For information on how to go green at back to school time check out the Keep California Beautiful Green Back to School Products information page.

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