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Report a Dumpsite


Keep California Beautiful is not an enforcement agency, but we support the enforcement of all laws against dumping and littering. If you witness someone littering or you find an illegal dump, we encourage you to report it to the appropriate enforcement agency.


Why Contact An Enforcement Agency?

Agency employees are trained to investigate complaints, collect evidence, and take cases to court. They have the authority to conduct inspections, and are trained to identify and gather evidence to make a legal case. By contacting an agency, you may have the benefit of anonymity, since most agencies have confidentiality policies. In addition, you are protected from any counter suits of libel. However, your testimony could be important to a case, especially if you witness illegal dumping or littering.


By working with state and local agents, you will:


Who To Contact.

You have many reporting options, depending on whether the property is publicly or privately owned, its use, and whether local police have jurisdiction. Many factors apply to reporting, and you may be asked to call a different agency. If you are referred to another agency, the intent is to connect you with the agency best suited to handle your complaint.


Always start at the local level. Local officials are familiar with properties and residents, and should be able to respond quickly. Check your local telephone directory to contact the appropriate local agency. These could be:


Your involvement is important. Your stewardship will improve both your neighborhood and any other places you value.





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