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Recycling is more than placing a bottle or can into a blue bin, recycling today much more involved! Californians are recycling more items than ever before!


Recycling is COOL!


YOU can recycle MOTOR OIL! CalRecycle has a search tool that you can use to find oil recycling right around the corner from your home! Visit their website to locate the nearest center. Most auto parts stores also provide used oil recycling opportunities.

YOU can recycle BATTERIES! Local governments and state agencies can participate in a free battery recycling program, and many retail locations are taking batteries back from customers. For more information please contact: Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp. (RBRC) at (678) 419-9990.

YOU can recycle CELL PHONES and DEVICES! Your old cell phone or tablet can be harmful to the environment if thrown into the trash. Cell phones contain materials such as lead, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, and other materials that can pollute the ground and water. Just one cell phone tossed into a landfill can pollute up to 40,000 gallons of groundwater! Now there’s a new way for you to recycle your unwanted cell phone and protect California’s environment… Buy Back Tech will help you recycle your unwanted devices and earn a little money at the same time

YOU can recycle ELECTRONIC WASTE! Your old, unwanted electronics can be recycled and reused! Please check out  www.erecycle.org to find out more!


YOU can recycle YARD WASTE! If you don’t have curbside yard waste recycling, contact your local landfill and see if they have a yard waste or organics recycling program. Home composting is another option for composting your yard waste to harness those valuable organic nutrients and reuse them for a healthy garden

YOU can recycle TIRES! Visit the CalRecycle website for more information about tire recycling in your area.

YOU can recycle PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS! Just look for the bins outside of your local grocery store. If they don’t have a recycling container for grocery bags, ask the manager why! Participate in the Got Your Bags? campaign.

YOU can recycle PHONE BOOKS! Visit your city’s website and look for news about recycling phone books. Nearly all cities have some sort of phone book recycling program.

YOU can recycle PRINTER CARTRIDGES! Many resources are available for collecting used printer and toner cartridges. Many times, the manufacturers will provide a bag or envelope in the package to return your cartridge after use. Office Depot, Office Max and Staples ALL collect spent cartridges for recycling!

YOU can recycle at Restaurants! See what you can do to bring recycling to your local restaurants. If you work at a restaurant, start a program! Contact the Green Restaurant Association for more information on recycling in your restaurant. CalRecycle has a guide for “greening” your restaurant.

YOU can recycle at Airports! With a grant from the California Department of Conservation, KCB implemented a beverage container recycling program at the Ontario Airport that continues through this day. Beverage container recycling collection containers were purchased and placed by all trash receptacles and paper recycling containers in waiting areas, food courts, rental car areas, and employee lounges throughout the airport. Several hundred pounds of recyclables are collected and recycled each week as a result of this program. Contact your local airport to see about their recycling program!

YOU can recycle at Stadiums! In partnership with the San Diego Urban Corps, KCB solicited and received a grant from the California Department of Conservation to implement a beverage container recycling program throughout the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Thousands of fans coming to the stadium for baseball, football, and other sporting events hold tailgate parties before the game. Working with officials for the stadium, KCB and the San Diego Urban Corps placed movable high visibility toters near all trash receptacles in the parking lot and at the entrances to the stadium. The program has collected and recycled tens of thousands of beverage containers since its inception.


Recycling is a crucial step in reducing our recource consumption!


Also visit Earth911 to find answers to all of your complicated recycling questions!


Please check your local recycling guidelines to find out what YOU can recycle!




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