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Earth Day 2014 will be an exciting day full of GREEN activities throughout California, but why wait. Check out our clean it options to get involved today. Plus you can read below to learn about what a success last years Earth Day was here in California.


Keep California Beautiful and partner agencies Caltrans, CHP, CalRecycle, DTSC, CalEPA, California Department of General Services, and California State and Consumer Services Agency celebrated Earth Day during the California Statewide Litter Collection, Enforcement and Beautification Day on Thursday, April 25, 2013.


The day included a kick-off event at noon on the west steps of the State Capitol sponsored by the American Chemistry Council followed by cleanup activities throughout California. CalTrans and CHP coordinated statewide to collect litter and promote enforcement. CEAR, Inc. co-hosted e-waste collection events at a participating McDonald’s location at 2332 Broadway Street and at 915 Capitol Mall (Traffic Circle across from West Steps of Capitol.)


KCB and CEAR along with their partners allowed the public to conveniently and responsibly recycle e-waste for FREE. Proceeds went to support the ongoing efforts of KCB. People who participated by cleaning out their storage closets of unused, broken or outdated E-WASTE recieved a BE OUR GUEST CARD from McDonalds for their efforts.


Additionally at 915 Capitol Mall from 8-4 people brought other recyclable waste that may have needed special handling or collection such as Expanded Polystyrene Foam (often mistaken as Styrofoam) and Cigarette Butts. These products were captured for recycling by different companies.



Foam Cups, Food Containers and Block Packaging ARE Recyclable

This is a newly added item to the City of Sacramento Blue Bin recycling program

There were collection vehicle onsite collecting all foam material with the number 6



Cigarette Pollution Solutions were onsite to accept cigarette butts for recycling.

A complete list of items that were accepted as E-waste and Techno-Trash is at bottom of this webpage.


Recycling your e-waste: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Put your e-waste in your car.
  2. Bring your e-waste to one of locations. (Locations will be listed on this page closer to the event)
  3. Pop your trunk – you won’t even have to get out of your car!



Note: CEAR physically destroys all hard drives and ships no whole units of e-waste to developing countries.


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Items that can be dropped off at any of the e-waste collection sites include:



Items that cannot be dropped off at any of the e-waste collection sites include:



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