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Don’t Trash California


Secure Loads = Clean Roads™


What’s in it for California?

  • QUALITY OF LIFE: Get rid of unsightly trash and debris and make California even more beautiful.
  • TRAFFIC SAFETY: Reduce the potential for serious traffic accidents, injuries and property damage.
  • LIABILITY: Minimize the possibility of major fines, criminal penalties and lawsuits for violators.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Enhance water quality and ensure healthy marine, bird and mammal life.
  • DOLLARS: Reduce cost of tens of millions of tax dollars spent annually in California for road and litter debris collection.
  • DRIVE TIMES: Keep traffic flowing by reducing load loss stoppages and slowdowns



Here’s a feature by Good Morning America on the importance of secure loads.


Keep California Beautiful (KCB) is working with sponsors like the American Chemistry Council, Pactiv, Waste Management, Wrigley and TarpX along with state agency partners Caltrans, California Highway Patrol. CalRecycle, and Department of Motor Vehicles to support this effort. Our first coordinated effort was On May 6, 2009, when for the third consecutive year, KCB and numerous state agencies led the Great American Cleanup™ effort in California. This event included efforts of very important campaign partners to collect litter, enforce load control/tarping statewide and provide education messaging through Caltrans’ roadside changeable message signs and program partner websites. On April 22, 2010, the partners celebrated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on the steps of the Capitol, promoting Caltrans’  Statewide Litter Collection and Enforcement Day as part of the Great American Cleanup™.


We are looking for additional corporate sponsors to contribute to a public-private partnership funding our campaigns and efforts. Please contact the KCB Executive Director if you are interested in providing funding or in-kind support for 2013.


KCB’s Don’t Trash California Campaign involved Tony Hawk and Sunny Garcia


“Lets face the facts. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the pollution! There’s really nothing cool about litter, it just smells and destroys the environment, those disgusting dumps take up a lot of good land that could be used for skateparks, and who wants to trip over trash when running out to catch a killer wave?”


Who better to help spread the word that littering is just not cool than Champion Skateboarder Tony Hawk and six time Triple Crown Surfer Sunny Garcia. Both of these guys know how awesome our environment is and are concerned about California’s trashy state!


Tony Hawk was KCB’s first “Don’t Trash California” spokesperson, joining us in 2001. Tony has completed two photo shoots and has been a great supporter of California’s environment. Over 400,000 book covers and 50,000 posters were distributed to kids all over California!


Sunny Garcia, six time Triple Crown Champion Surfer, joined forces with KCB in spring 2004. Garcia loves to surf, but hates to do it in an ocean where trash floats by! His concern for the environment has led him to be outspoken when it comes to California’s beaches. Sunny encourages people of all ages to help fight the war on litter and to save our waterways and beaches from trash and pollutants! Don’t Trash California posters featuring Sunny on a favorite beach in Del Mar are still available. When the campaign was launched, prizes like t-shirts and posters from DaHui, one of Sunny’s sponsors, were available as prizes for a drawing. All you had to do to enter the contest was just sign the Pledge Not to Litter postcard and send it in to KCB!


Come on Kids! Join the fight against litter. Together we can clean up our public lands and beaches!

Don’t Trash California!


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